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We assist you manoeuvering in the EU

We help you build effective negotiation strategies

We lead you through legislative negotiations

We prepare you for your Presidency of the EU

We accompany your professional negotiations

We guide you in intercultural negotiations

We develop organisations, governance systems and people competencies


  • Confidential guidance on negotiation processes has been shown to benefit individuals, teams, departments, and entire organizations.
  • The structured and methodological operations of mediation and consensus building are profitable and effective.
  • Strategic calculations can anticipate and prepare negotiations for any salary, collective, legislative, and multilateral process.
  • Battles, resources, expertise, and logistics should be worked out and implemented wisely.
  • The procedures, political will, and means to respect EU Law should be regularly scrutinized and read.
  • Only by following specific rules and hindsight can you approach and influence the European Commission with integrity and efficacy.
  • Acclaimed methods and instruments are here to help fight disinformation and improve transparency.
  • EU wide influencers marketing campaigns are the most impactful endeavours to sell your messages and narratives.


  • We create fitting situation rooms and problem-solving experimentation based on real life cases for legislative negotiations, internal decision-making, technical and political trilogues, Accession negotiations, works Councils…
  • You will learn-by-doing (also distant) in simulation exercise and role-plays for Council Working Parties, comitology committee meetings, chairing meetings, consensus building
  • We use video analysis to derive practical learning lessons
  • We build curriculums for skills development and tailor-make programmes for negotiation capacity building
  • We set up training centres and social/regional/national schools of administration.
  • We provide interpretation services and train national representatives to acquire the appropriate language skills for international negotiation processes (French and English)


  • We provide personal feedback and individual survival kits.
  • We specialize in diplomatic, communication, language, and public speaking skills.
  • We assess and upgrade individual negotiation and  leadership performances.
  • We provide instruments and methodologies to gather intelligence and fact-check information.
  • We analyze interpersonal conflicts, relational dynamics, and cross-cultural differences to build cohesive negotiating teams.
  • We accompany individuals and teams to manage difficult conversations, clients, interlocutors, and social partners.

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